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A tool for building Africa from Africa

MAV International Office is the international redeployment of a small architectural firm created in 2003 in Gabon by its founder, Rodrigue MAVIOGA, DEIAU architect who has practiced in his core business, but also and especially in the construction and petroleum industries, at the African and international levels.

After graduating from the Lycée National Léon MBA in Libreville (Gabon), where his predispositions to the job of architect will be noticed unconsciously without his knowledge, Rodrigue MAVIOGA obtains a baccalaureate C series in 1992 which will lead him first in faculty of Mathematics-Physics before discovering his vocation through the admission to an entrance examination in a Grande Ecole Interafricaine of Architecture and Urbanism where he will obtain his diploma of architect in 1998 with Special Prize of the Grand Jury of Diplomas.

Five years of experience in architecture agencies and construction companies will encourage him to create the firm MAV in 2003, which he will direct full-time, or part-time when his skills are worthwhile. particularly in the oil industry in Africa and Latin America.


With this African and international experience, in diverse, private and sometimes hostile environments, such as the North African desert, the Latin American Amazon, the equatorial forest and the West African Atlantic Ocean, the MAV concept International Office International will take root.

South Africa, including Johannesburg, its economic capital, will be the favorite place for the creation of the headquarters of this structure, which wants to be linked to the influence of this great country on the whole African continent, through its history, its multiculturalism, its dynamism and its locomotive vocation of the Continent.


Port-Gentil, Gabon


1 rue Faessel Albert, BP 3035



+241 04 35 60 21


West and Central of Africa


Unit 1-09 Block B

Infinity Business Park

4 Pieter Wenning Road

2191 Fourways. Johannesburg



+27 12 942 9525

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